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Presence in a room does not indicate agreement with premise. ENFP I probably can’t find your follow request if we haven’t been on stage together recently, so please let me know audibly to accept. When folk call your position in a debate “weird,” it’s usually because they have more personal than logical reasons to criticize it. I personally find this to be disingenuous & intellectually weak. “Chuck D has the voice of God.” —Uncle Michael Frenke “The Industry is scared of GoGo” — George Clinton “When you send your kids to Rome, don’t be surprised if they come back Roman.” —Terrel Mg “Empathy is a job skill.” —speaker introducing Mayor Bowser PEACE IN THE TIGRAY Kink Adjacent I BELIEVE IN DISCOUNTS & COOPERATIVE ECONOMICS! What new app will give you credit for sharing an invite code with me? Let’s exchange codes for various goods, services, & gigs!! Need a ride somewhere? Instead of Uber or Lyft, book your next ride through Empower. Get $10 off your first ride when you sign up with this link: Join Speakeasy Live! Use my code: M8GBWJ ✊🏽 🏳️‍🌈