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Mari Vega




Ally of ALL COLORS and lover of ALL letters. Accomplished in-person conversationalist. Approaching all aspects of life and living with more intentionality and grace than ever! NOTE to anyone who wonders: I have haptic feedback basically turned off from my phone and have *no idea* how or why my CH chat button vibrates at the intensity it does. 'Tis weird, I know. Loving kindness now-- and now, and now--is the reason and #1 mission in this life. I am an imperfect ❣️Christ-follower, just being and doing the best I can at any given moment on the journey to Self-knowledge and ego-transcendence. A Course In Miracles speaks to my gravitation toward living into Oneness (a lá universal & unconditional 🧡). Christ is among and within us, as Biblically recorded... Sharing here the invitation to clear out blockages within through meditation, Multidisciplinary artist and educator. 🌟 Avid private chef; potlucks with family and friends are my jam. Visual art: collage, photography, in situ multimedia, printmaking. Performance: stand-up, improv, dramatic acting. Leadership (more often from the back). Super glad for my Cathedral of Hope (United Church of Christ) family. Fluent in #Americancool, I'm grateful for the beings who don't always change costumes when they show out as sheroes and heroes and gender nonconforming bros. Let's also connect at: IG: vivivoracity YT: 2ndpersondancing LinkedIn: Grit-Photo-Art ______________________ 🎫 quirky designs👕