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Autodidact Bum, PhD Will work for my own general amusement, and sometimes charitable contributions or speculative scrip. Currently testing the hypothesis that the doctorate is indeed a degree in how to research. Checkered Present, Research Areas: · Neurology / Movement Disorders [Cueing effects on muscle movement in step initiation: Parkinson's Disease and typical aging] · Human Computing Interface / Augmented Cognition [book chapter w/ @radsci] · Phytoremediation [Coneflower remediation of long chain hydrocarbons] · Intersection of Urban Planning, Environmentalism, and Social Justice [Covenant / Redlining effects in Twin Cities] Personal Projects: 1) Promoting neighborhood currencies - not IRS taxable + keeps money local. Creating instruments to start and run local currencies, plus adding blockchain to make reputations portable. 2) Supporting revivification in the Mojave - raising money through personal photographs to support post-burn Joshua Tree replanting in the Mojave National Reserve, and the Mojave wildflower seedbank. 3) Eco-agrarianism - developing agriculture/foraging communities as primarily worker-owned businesses. Have sadly received a doubly potent dose of the dismal science from both parents; personal projects involve shifting the playing field through innovations in economics, synthesized with my scientific worldview. Personal Happiness: Diversity of Experience > Eudaimonics > Hedonics Perish > Publish ***** Checkered Past: Assisant Professor, U of MN, Geology and Geophysics PI, National Center for Earth-surface Dynamics, NSF Sci&Tech Center PhD, Earth Sciences, UC-Santa Cruz MS, Geology, Caltech BS, Geosciences, U of AZ surface processes, Quaternary geochronology, paleoclimate Development of terrestrial cosmogenic nuclide uses. Teaching [K-Uni] · Garden School Foundation, K-5, nutrition and science garden lessons [4 yrs] · U of MN, Intro through Grad [8 yrs] · Adult Education, GED / Adv ESL [10 yrs] · Master Gardener [UCLA, U of MN; 8 yrs] NGO position highlights: · Assistant to Executive Director · Grant Proposal Manager Most unusual job: turning off lights at the U of AZ. ***** Random stuff: · I rip apart computers, bikes, cars with abandon (motivation to rebuild problematic). · Backpacking / hiking / long distance driving / permaculture. · Lab rat for Bipolar I - finally, someone appreciates my brain!