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Entrepreneur, creator & mentor. YC (W12) alum. Building collaboration tools @ Zealous (TS Boulder 22) 📺Co-founder, Zealous Live community spaces [email protected] 💼 Head of Product First bank for creators Chute (YC W12, acquired 2018) Co-Founder / CTO User-generated content platform Klout VP Product / 1st Employee Online standard for influence 👏🏽Get Unstuck, Daily Office Hours 🕹Created Economy, Wed 3pm MT 🎙Crazy Pitches w/ YC, Wed 4pm MT 🪙Creator, $AMA Coin 🗓Need extra help? Get in touch 💡Areas I may be able to help Design / UI / UX (26 years) Dev / Architecture (24 years) Product Design / Mgmt (20 years) Marketing / Sales (10 years) Fundraising (10 years) Work Life Balance (WIP) ❤️ Passions Husband to @themaria Father to Solomon Amateur Bodybuilder ✍️ Writing