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Experienced exec in tier 3 auto. Driven by data, blessed by god. 🙏 🎉🤓🥳📈📊 🏠 CT 🎯 Digerati 📈Data Driven Growth Marketer 👨🏻‍💻 🎤 Industry Speaker 👥People need People 🚘 Automotive Marketing Guru 👨🏻‍💻 Technology fanatic 💪🏻Fitness Minded 🏂 Snowboard Enthusiast 🏔 MountainMover 🤓Solution Provider 📚 Book Reader 🔥 Leo ♌️ 💯Always give 100% 🎯Choose your target, aim, shoot, win! 🧠 Emotionally Intelligent Marketer 🗣 Storyteller 🚵🏻Mountain Biker 💥 Mind Blowing Copy Creator 🤯 📦 Outside of the box thinker🧠 🤩Outstanding Creative Director 🤓Data Geek 🚫🐮 💩 Kind of guy ➡️Thinker ⬆️Performer 👨‍👧‍👦Dedicated single parent raising my 2 kids and showing them you can conquer anything you put your mind to. 🧳Managing millions in ad spending 🇺🇸 based now in CT COMMITTED - DEVOTED - MOTIVATED 292 lbs to 199 in 15 months work hard play harder! 💪🏻 Building my brand of authentic in-touch emotionally intelligent marketing and branding. A 🦄 in the tier 3 space of automotive. I love tech, learning, and seeing what you have to better the industry and businesses all over. Connect with me to set up a time to demo and review your offerings. Invite me to sit at your table here anytime. Successful Marketing Executive looking for my next adventure while still crushing it where I am. It’s time to grow and hit that 10X! 🏡Open to relocation for the right long term fit. Appreciate all you have today, you never know what tomorrow will bring. Life can easily change in the blink of an eye, value those that bring value, coach those to be of value, and thank those who have guided you along the way. Attitude of gratitude! Never the smartest in the room, because I pick the right rooms, but I love to share my knowledge and experience. I sit on several advisory boards for automotive tech. Text me at 312-802-8687 Connect with me on LinkedIn! DM ME or Text me ! 👋 ⌨️