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Gordon Weiss




Co-Founder / Machine Halo Current: Co-Founder | Machine Halo | Computer Vision at the Edge | B2B | SaaS Deploying Ongoing: Clubhouse: Electronic Music Community & Culture - EMC ², EMCC.Club (CH audio archive), TheNameEscapes.Me BitClout: @GordonWeiss @EMCC Prior: MPA Design (Planning and Landscape Architecture) | (Co-Founder / Advisor) | Vayner Media (Contractor) | Vessel SF (Co-Founder / Entertainment Director) | (Founder) | Chucknology | OneBeat I like working on important problems and enhancing the quality of life... I love helping people. More... Orchestrator, Music Lover, Surfer, AI Fighting Climate Change, )'(, Artist, Fitness, Experience Creator/Memory Maker, Early Adaptor, Frontier Tech., Nature Lover, Occasional Angel Investor, Chicago born, Based in SF, Unicorn Whisperer, and yes I love all types of traveling... [email protected]