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Denver Haslam




Unconditional Self Love is The Answer to All. - me So, Who am I? I am Denver, I am Raw, I am Imperfect too, I am Beautiful, as are You. 🙏 My Time, My Love, My Light are Always Free 🙏 ✅ Loving Leader in the Truth Seekers Tavern —————- A Bit about Me: 🛡Defender & Manifester of Light ♥️ Advocate for the Marginalized 🥰Unconditional Self Love Guide 👼🧠Survivor/Thriver: NDE | Multi-Severe TBI | Targeted Persecution SOME PROFICIENCIES: 📓📐 Mechanical Engineer 💻 Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer 🧑‍🚒🐶 Volunteer Firefighter | Service Animal Trainer w/ Rescues. Law and Medical Establishment Investigator & Survivalist 🎙🎤 Motivational Speaking —— My Uncle’s Book by request. —— 🚨 DISCLAIMER:🚨 My presence in a room or on stage is not an endorsement of the content, subject matter and/or views of the speaker or hosts. —— ⭐️PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY⭐️