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Jae Ma




Co-producer of Show Your Groove Global Talent Show; Empowering Introverts to Thrive Online; Her lifelong passion has been to empower students through Mindset and basic Math Jae Ma is an International Best Selling Author and Mentor -- who’s personally mentored over four thousand students, speakers, and entrepreneurs. She’s been featured on television and digital stages internationally, on numerous online shows and interviews, and on an Internationally Ranked Podcast. She co-produces a Global Talent Show for Charity and Online Summit, and was chosen to represent three education establishments, including a state government agency. She brings her immense life experience in several countries, and her dedication to empowering introverts who have felt unseen, unheard, or unsupported, using her Simple 5-Step System to build authentic connections, creating impact, and to grow, glow and thrive online. Launch Your Own Course in 14 Days First session free