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T.E.O. (Tea Engineering Officer) & Meditation Mixmaster. I empower women to take care of themselves without feeling guilty by simply filling up their cup and listening in. Chocolate is Self-Care offers delicious blended chocolate teas paired with guided meditations to help you create a ritual around self-care and self-love. Find your balance physically, emotionally, and spiritually one sip at a time. 🍵 Available blends: chocolate chai, chocolate raspberry, chocolate chamomile 🎧 Guided meditation downloads 💗 Self-Care products 💻 Group classes 📆 Private sessions 🕰 Clinical Certified Hypnotherapist 🎙 Podcast creator MissInformed with Glory-Anne 📚 Author 🎤 Inspirational Speaker 👼🏽 Ordained Minister 🧘🏽‍♀️ Youth Meditation Facilitator 🙌🏽 Reiki Master 🦄 Founder Euphoreje LLC 🎓 College of Saint Rose BS Graphic Design Txt me: 1 (518) 250-9045 Clubhouse Intentions 🔅Networking 🔅Collaborations 🔅Helping women lift themselves up 🔅Finding podcast guests 📍Albany, NY ✨ Compassionate Soul Get the tea on how to fill your cup personally and professionally. Join the T Suite Club for insight and conversation. We discuss... Subjects that make a difference. Subjects that move the mind. Subjects that fill the soul. Every Wednesday and Thursday 9am-10am EST.