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Aja Lake




Professionally, I assist women in the Greater Cleveland area in finding resources and opportunities to start, expand, and maintain sustainable businesses. My goal is to build a wraparound services network and free housing for single mothers through lipstick sales. I love networking because a person’s greatest resource is human resources. Let me add value to you as you add value to me. So Let’s Talk. Hit me up to collaborate, the key to the game is collaboration over competition. Mom| Nerd |Activist | Community Service Advocate| Sustained Dialogue Moderator | Innovator |Creator| Cheerleader| Educator | Overcomer | Entrepreneur | Beyonce Lover | Lipstick Addict as well as an Up and Coming Lipstick Mogul. By the way, I love to write. As a matter fact, “I WROTE MY WAY OUT” of depression and adversity. (Hamilton lover here) I love writing so much that I will write an epic bio for your clubhouse page for $10. DM me on Instagram I am the mother of 2 fiercely protective young men. 👦🏽👦🏽 After my divorce, I changed my life. I quit my job, I returned to school 🎓 and earned 4 degrees. 📜📜📜📜YES 4!!! I am proud to be an Alum of CWRU because as an adult learner I entered into a school ranked 42nd in the country and graduated with honors. My takeaway from that is that you can do anything you put your mind to. I am a professional overcomer. I rise. I pulled myself up and out of the mud! Seriously, 🎶Fight Song🎶 is personal anthem. I am a survivor of a head on collision, 44 surgeries, a stroke, and depression. YES!! You read that right!!!! 44 Forty-Four. I am still enjoying life. I defeated diabetes, heart failure, and high blood pressure by losing over 100 pounds. Yup, I did that! Yup I have lived a life filled with adversity, trials, and tribulations and I still choose to be happy 😊and inspirational. I mean who doesn’t like a story about an underdog who rose up against all odds. I have an intense love of lipstick 💄because of my aunt Deborah R.I.P. 😇She is the inspiration behind my business and the reason I am a Lipstick Addict. 💄💄💄 Guess what I am going to ask you for a sale now. So, minimize this clubhouse app (you can still hear all of the speakers) and go to Thanks in Advance! In your package there will be two mustard seeds for faith and manifestation. Keep one and pass the other one on to someone else.