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German Lam




👨‍🍳🏆I’m an award-winning chef, book author, food coach, cancer survivor, and human engineering with performance in health and wellness lifestyle skills. 💻My Ebook titled “The Dragon 🐉Turns to Water 💧” is about my cancer journey where I used my Freestyle Lifestyle, Food, philosophy and a fight for survival to fight cancer. Would love to hear your comments from the Ebook! 💪My Freestyle Cooking and Lifestyle philosophy gave me the tools to not only survive cancer but to also survive the difficult recovery process. It meant both unleashing my inner dragon 🐉 and, channeling Bruce Lee, “becoming like water.” 💦 ⚖️ Like the paradox of wu wei, how can you both fight and go with the flow? I have set out to help and inspire others to find that balance, sharing my story and philosophy as an author, speaker, mentor and coach. 👨‍🍳🥗🥬 As a master chef & freestyle body, mind and spirit with food, I can help you become your personal best A+ in life with the good, bad, ugly and COVID-19 times to become an Icon. Learn to become The Dragon Warrior 🥷and Water 💦 in your life journey. ✅ Through my venture Glam Foods at my goal is to illuminate the path to good living through eating right. 🎗My master chef experiences: 🥇top-rated institutions such as the 5-star Boston and Cleveland Ritz Carlton Hotels, Harvard Club of Boston, and Chatham Bars Inn. 📚 My education & accolades: ☑️ graduated in 1986 from Newbury College with a degree in culinary arts. ☑️ completed the prestigious American Culinary Federation Les Dames d’Escoffier apprenticeship program in 1990. ☑️ 1989 Ritz-Carlton Hotel Employee of the Year ✅ Visit my website to listen to my interview 🎤, my podcast 🎙episode, and my American Culinary Federation Mental Health & Wellness webinar Podcast. ✅ Let’s connect! LinkedIn: German Lam 🐲 The Dragon has risen from the ashes, after my Cancer treatments of Proton and Chemo. I am back with VENGEANCE! 🤺🥷