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Gill Henderson




I’m new to Clubhouse and apart from Facebook pretty much new to social media! Until I joined clubhouse I’d never even listened to a podcast or looked at instagram 😜 But I know this is exactly what I have been looking for and the universe has brought me here at the most perfect moment. Gratitude is overflowing 💜❤️ Am I the only one who finds it hard to write about themselves!!?? Spirited and fiery, empathetic and compassionate. Always committed in my head to self development and improvement - but a very good starter but a bit of a rubbish finisher ….. I’m realising that things are easy to start but without support around you they are equally easy to stop! Sometimes I feel super strong and resilient and believe I can achieve anything I like, at other times it can feel like an impossible task. But hey, I guess that’s what makes us human beings - both the joy and challenges life brings. A massage therapist and reflexologist and single mother to 3 grown up humans, I have dedicated my life to serving, supporting and encouraging others but while doing so until now have lost sight of who I am and what I want from my own life. I allowed life and all its challenges to “get in the way” of me. But that’s now changing. It’s time to think about who I want to be, what sort of life I want to lead, what my greatest achievement will be and what is the legacy I want to leave behind. Up until now my greatest achievement has been raising 3 incredible humans in extremely challenging circumstances. But I did it and I’m so proud of who they have each become - their morals, their ethics, their drive and determination and the light they are shining on the world, But what now? We are influenced by our past but it’s time to jump into my future. Am I excited? Hell yeah 💜❤️ Am I slightly nervous? Of course But with the community I have found on Clubhouse I now have the support I need to do it. So watch this space and thank you for being part of my journey 😊😊😊