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💋 CEO & Founder of Amplify PR | 💋 Media placements for clients include, Insider, The Sun, Good Day Chicago, Good Day LA, DIVA Magazine, Byrdie, InStyle, PsychCentral, Business Insider, The NY Times, Newsweek, PBS Viewpoint 💋 2 time SXSW presenter THE PROBLEM WE SOLVE: Women and non-binary leaders are quoted as experts in the media 14% of the time. Only 14%?! Women own 42% of all businesses in the US - there are a lot of experts being overlooked. WHY IT MATTERS: women are 62% less likely to get VC funding, making it harder to afford paid media (ads) to promote their business. Earned media (PR) is vital to grow business. Earned media raises brand awareness, credibility, trust with consumers, creates word of mouth marketing, generates leads…I could go on. WHY IT HAPPENS: Reporters say it takes them 15 minutes longer per source to find a woman, person of color, nonbinary person as an expert source. They just don’t know who’s out there to speak with. WHAT AMPLIFY PR DOES: We bridge the gap between these experts and the media, helping women get media coverage and helping reporters build their list of experts 💋If you’re a journalist or other member of the media: connect with me or my team for our list of experts, product launches, and stories of change makers in Tech, B2B/B2C, Healthcare, Arts/Culture and Lifestyle topics. We can connect you with the experts you need for your editorial, even if they’re not our clients! 💋 I’d love to talk to you. Use the link below👇🏼 to book time on my calendar. 💋 My Mantra: Teach something every day. Professional speaker: Phila-LA-NYC-D.C.-Austin-Paris-London-Montreal 💋 My team and I also consult & train you and your team so you can DIY your own PR. We give you what you need to know to get featured in the media. 💋📍Philly 🇺🇸 💋 Twitter & IG DMs are open. I check the CH back channel less frequently. Email: [email protected]