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Geleta “GiGi” Parker




Author/ Cake Artist Affectionately known as “Gigi”! My name means “God is gracious.” My name is pronounced (Ja-Lee-Tah).Born and raised in the beautiful Bahamas. I was featured in Shout-Out Atlanta Magazine! 🇧🇸 International Keynote Empowerment Speaker 🇧🇸 Minister 🇧🇸 Educator 🇧🇸 Psalmist 🇧🇸 Memoirist 🇧🇸 Cake Artist 🇧🇸 Published Author x 4 🇧🇸 Personal Chef 📌 Moderator 📌 Child of God 📌 Military Wife 📌 Mother of 3 📌 I reside in Georgia 📌I continue to contribute to my community by bridging gaps and pouring into the lives of children and their parents! 📌Passionate about baking and decorating cakes... 📌FB PAGE :OMGIGIBEE 🐝 📌FB PAGE: GIGI BEE 🐝 📌FB PAGE: GIGI BEE WRITES 📌INSTAGRAM: OMGIGIBEE INSTAGRAM: GIGI BEE WRITES 📌Please check out my latest book Chef Gigi Saves the Day now available on Amazon. Chef Gigi Saves the Day