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George Battiste




😎🦯 hurricane Katrina survivor, from New Orleans, living in Houston, Saints&Astros fan. Part-time travel agent Most blind or Visually-Impaired folks cannot keep up with me because of how much I travel. I don’t like being at home with the furniture. I am a christian man who loves to have fun. 📱📱🎙🛼🏀⚾️ Professionally, over the last 15 plus years, i have been teaching alternative techniques to individuals who either have loss their vision, or their vision is progressively getting worse. It does not matter the person’s age or ethnicity. If you have the will, we can show you the way. My desire is to educate, enlighten and equip everyone with the necessary information to eliminate the stereotypes the majority of people have about the abilities of the skills and talents of all of the highly functioning blind or visually impaired walking on the earth. Just because someone is disabled, does not mean they are enable to perform just as efficient as someone who does not have a physical disability. Cash App: $georgebattiste It gives me great pleasure to bost that George Battiste was the first totally-blind person to appear on the “price is Right,” and the first of my kind to pledge Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, and a graduate from Louisiana State University with an under-graduate degree in broadcast/journalism. Love talking sports, Movies🎞, Music, and sharing the good news about my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ as I continue to give God all the glory He deserve. I also love giving surprises as well as receiving them. The problem is I do not get any surprises.