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Dr.GENIE Snyder




🧞‍♀️ The Genieus Connector |Genieus Executive Coach to Leaders of Leaders ♟Speaker | 🎤 Emcee of the Unexpected | 🎧 Podcaster [Hey, Genius!] I 💡TEDx Executive Producer/Emcee & support TEDx speakers 🎓 Leader in Residence/University Fellow 🧞‍♂️Connecting the Genieus of people + process to ACTUATE their possible. I love connections. I love helping you express your Genieus & message. 💡Brighten YOUR Genieus to CULTIVATE leaders and your own strength as a leader I CREATE connections of people + processes I Curate communication to open minds and hearts - including your own. …………………………….. Trusted Human who works with you to develop your genius your genius company your genius leaders your genius organization your genius board Contradictory Constructs? I can lead you to create Complementary Concepts. Message to find out what the heck FERPECT is and let’s connect! See the Genieus magic happen for you, your leaders, your teams. [email protected]