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George Freeman




George is a Gene Keys Guide and Present Moment Crusader embracing the flow of life as it unfolds with grace and synchronicity. George started seeking his own truth and unique path over 20 years ago when he asked the question to a preacher, “What happens to the Buddhists and Hindus when they die?”  The gut feeling received from the answer ignited his desire for the highest truth.  His driving curiosity and inquisitive nature set a course of Self-Discovery through the Law of Attraction and mentors like Wayne Dyer, Abraham-Hicks, Matt Kahn, David Wolfe and many others.  Right before he discovered Richard Rudd and the Gene Keys, he studied the human energy body and chakras on the way to becoming a Kundalini Yogi.  The deepest of dives into the mystery of life came when animals started coming into his path and he discovered the Dream Arc Codex to unlock his intuition and become more present in every moment than ever before.   In totality, his 5 year Gene Key journey has been filled with all Gene Keys Golden Path online retreats since 2020, 11 Delta Flights combined with 7 Sacred Seals, Completion of Guides, and Delta Guides courses.  He also holds space on zoom every Sunday at Noon EST for the growing Gene Keys Community to gather called “Embrace Your Heart Space.”  He has read hundreds of GK profiles and really dives deeply into the lines. He feels the lines are the secret sauce to the contemplation of these 64 pathways to more self-love.  George’s favorite quote is “Bee Here Now!” ….yup, that’s it….show up no matter what and step into the wild unknown!  It is also his brand and logo.   Blissings, Breathwork, and Big Love!!!!!! Bee Geo Free