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Gayle Dopp




I am designed for greatness. Gods favor has forever been with me. My life has always been my favorite stage. As a wife, (47years,) Mother of 4, Gigi to 7 grandchildren, my heart is beating for my precious family! I am a licensed health and life coach, an entrepreneur, a hairdresser, interior designer, a professional speaker, and a writer! As I am expanding my vision, the energy is percolating to the top, much like the magic of my Mother’s morning coffee in the 50’s! There is also an intoxicating aroma to joy! I create and show up, confident that God is ALWAYS present! My singular professional life is shifting to embrace the right collaborations! Clubhouse Breakfast With Champions has been one of the amazing platforms that God has so beautifully used in my life! Stay tuned… the best is here now, with ever increasing vision, joy, wisdom, authenticity, and purpose to EXPAND my tomorrows! Thank you… also….do not give up on your ridiculous, outrageous, or impossible dream! ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! ALL…ALL…ALL…ALL…ALL!🙏🔥🎸🎶❤️