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Gavri’el HaCohen




🍏 PDX 🌲 Jewish ✡️ Musician 🎸 Business Owner 📊 F1 fan 🏎 Co-Host of the Leaving Eden Podcast🎙 Runner 🏃‍♂️ Rush Fan 🍁 Men’s Fashion🕺🏻 Harry Potter Fan ⚡️ COVID vaccinated 💉 My favorite fruit is Kiwi 🥝 I host an interfaith podcast with my friend about her experiences growing up in a cult. Her story is as fascinating as it is inspirational. Check it out. It’s called the Leaving Eden Podcast. I also offer professional podcast editing services. If you are interested in hiring somebody for podcast editing, please feel free to get in touch. I host live open mics on clubhouse! I was an active member of the Portland Music Scene pre-COVID, but now that live music is on hiatus, I have taken to this platform! If you are interested in playing please get in touch! I love Formula 1 racing. I am always down to talk about drivers, track, F1 politics, paddock drama, and tech stuff. Open to making new professional and personal connections!