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Gautam Singhani




Production & Post Manager, with over 8 years of experience has worked on scripted & unscripted projects, spanning features, limited series, and branded content. After overseeing 75+ projects in New York, Los Angeles, and Mumbai, I now work at Story Syndicate where my most recent credits include: 🎥"FAUCI" (Nat Geo) 🎥"Becoming Cousteau" (Disney+) 🎥"Nuclear Family" (HBO) 🎥"Mayor Pete" (Amazon) Recently completed both WarnerMedia/ HBO Access programs in NYC where he was trained as a “Post-Production Coordinator” and then subsequently as a “Post-Production Supervisor.” Beyond freelancing as a Line Producer creating budgets, I also run a culinary business with my wife, Raina, curating authentic culinary experiences ranging from cooking classes to private events. Follow us @didyoukhado 👨🏽‍🍳👩🏽‍🍳 Reach out at [email protected]