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Gary Thompson




Author of “Master The Sales Communication Process” Transforming The World 🌎 One Business At A Time: My 4 Rules For Success: 1) Become Market Oriented 2) Become Market Sensitive 3) Push Beyond Your Comfort Zone 4) Prepare To Pivot In Crisis Are you looking for capital to grow and scale your business or brand, to buy real estate portfolio etc. Contact me now to learn more. Tel#1-332-235-1099 Visit👉🏽 to learn more 🔎Private Equity Investor ❤️‍🩹Business Startup Accelerator Specialist | ❤️‍🩹Real Estate Investor | 🔎Business Credit Advisor | 🔎Alternative Capital Specialist | 🔎Debt Mitigation Strategist 🔎GP @ Global Capital Inc 🔎GP @ 10X B & M LLC Visit: 👉🏽PITCHDECK-101.COM 👉🏽$500k To $10 Billion Debt & Equity 👉🏽$5-$6 & $7 Figure Credit Lines Gary Thompson lectured “Strategic Marketing” at American university of Peace Studies. He is a general partner at Global Capital Inc and 10X Branding & Marketing LLC out of New York. He is the author of several books. Including: 1) 10X Branding & Marketing BluePrint 2) The Psychology of Money 3) IMPACT Marketing & Branding 4) Manager’s Tool Kit 5) Billionaire Codes …………….. xxxxxxxxx …………………. Xxxxxx Gary Thompson Studied At: Cambridge University -International Business - American University Of Peace Studies - Strategic Project Management - Rice University - Global Financial Markets & Instruments - Biases And Portfolio Selection - Portfolio Selection & Risk Management to learn more about projects we are managing.