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Fitness Trainer | Nutritionist | Mindset Coach Catch me on IG @garthfitnesscom or contact me through As a SURVIVOR of a brutal attack that hit national news, after LOSING my partner to suicide, after watching INJUSTICE roll out, I understand what it means to rebuild lives. ▪️Certified Personal Trainer ▪️Certified Nutritionist ▪️Mental Health Advocate ▪️Sleep Specialist I have always been fascinated by what makes us FEEL GOOD and most of all function at our OPTIMUM! I learnt through MY OWN personal experiences and STUDYING that this is multifaceted and that is why I AM WHO I AM today and DO WHAT I DO to help my clients FEEL GOOD and live a FULFILLED LIFE. What I do *********** WELLNESS TRAINING ✅Fitness Training ✅Weight Management ✅Mental Health Mentoring ✅Nutrition Advice ✅Sleep Guidance MENTAL FITNESS COACHING ✅Mindset through Mental and Physical Health and Fitness practices *************************** go to *************************** 💪🏼HIIT Trainer for Fitness In Fifteen 💪🏼Mental and Physical Fitness Trainer for The Happy Health Club 💪🏼Mental Health Advocate for Reach Out Together ***COMING SOON*** The Mental Fitness Podcast ***Join the MENTAL FITNESS club*** on Clubhouse👋🏼 ⚡️ Mental Health ⚡️ Physical Fitness ⚡️ Resiliency  ⚡️ Sleep ⚡️ Nutrition ⚡️ Life ***Clubs I’m In*** 🔘Mental Fitness @garthpeters 🔘FitnessInFifteen (check out @FitnessInFifteen on IG) @Lynseysuzanne IG - GarthFitnesscom