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Brenda Hollohan




Launched $DABL coin in order to support Dabblers and Doers! Makers and artists of all kinds are creatives and we all stand taller when we raise each other up! Proud to own 63🦒 and 2 babies and be part of a community that is rising together. It’s a fantabulous day! 🤩🌈☀️🌼Take time to enjoy it!!🥳😃🌟 🤣Joy 🤓Mind 💕Heart Connections These are values I live wholeheartedly. As a retired fine arts teacher with 25 years of business experience, I help women live their best lives and artisans launch their trade. My 💗passions include conversations around product design, dabbling, business, home and fashion accessories, and how 🍎healthy lifestyles and business connect. Clubs Include: Dabble and Do Business and Health📊🥇🥦🧘🏽‍♂️⛹🏻‍♀️ Accessorize for Access🎩💍🕶👠🖼🪞 Charities: SPCA Young Women Scholarships I am a gal living on a rock (Newfoundland 🇨🇦) with a 🫐whole food 🥦 plant-based no oil lifestyle. Life is full and rich! CH Intentions: Share & Learn 📕 Having fun 🤩 and connecting with cool people are my passions. 💕Learning more about crypto, NFTs, the importance of good health 🥬 and best business 👩‍💼 practices are my largest lines of inquiry. Love creating experiences and am interested in learning more about best lifestyle practices, the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, heightened customer journeys, joy 🤣 and peace.🙏 “828480”