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Gagandeep Kaur




I firmly believe no matter how low your lows look or how deep down your rock bottoms are you can reprogram your mind to create an unrecognisable life. Hey there, I’m Gagandeep, supporting doubters to take back their Personal Power and self worth πŸ’ͺπŸ’›πŸ§  Ready to create wins today? πŸ‘‡ Head over to [link in bio] ------------------------------------------------------- What I do: πŸ‘‰ Here to guide individuals to breakthrough their blocks, shatter their glass ceilings and dissolve trauma through mindset coaching and emotional healing. Let’s connect! DM me πŸ‘‡ ------------------------------------------------------- About me: 🧠 I'm a recovering anxious perfectionist and workaholic. 🌳 nature lover πŸ₯Ύ avid hiker (no matter the footwear) 🌍 environmental advocate πŸ’› mental wellness advocate πŸ¦‹ personal development passionate πŸ“– lifelong seeker and learner 🎢 play two beautiful Sikh string instruments: Sarangi and Dilruba πŸ“ from London, UK πŸ’¬ looking forward to listen, learn, grow and collab. I'm down to talking about self-care, anxiety healing, healthy mindset, productivity habits, empowerment and emotional well-being. -------------------------------------------------------