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Gaëlle Berruel




💃Visibility Maven & Rockstar « You are the Rockstar of your life, let me help you to become it. » 🖌Help women leaders be seen, heard and promoted so that they feel recognised for their hard work and value. 👌🏿You want to be visible, charismatic so you can make the impact and money you want? If so, join my community of women leaders here: ———————————————————— I am a 🎤Motivational Speaker 💡Mindset Mentor 🔥 Visibility Maven 🔆Wellness Expert 🎙Podcaster ✳️ Moderator ❤️ Mama 😃Optimistic Aquarius 🔥Psychologies Magazine UK Ambassador 🔥Ambassador of She Did It Community 💃Host of: the Rockstar Mindset Show the Rockstar Mindset Podcast the Rockstar Woman Summit Speaker at: .the Women Economic Forum (London) .the Women Federation For World Peace (WFWP) .Featured on FOX, NBC, CBS, Psychologies Magazine Uk, Medium and ShoutOut Atlanta.