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Online Business Manager & A Lifestyle Influencer 👋🏻 I’m Gabrielle Tongol but, you can call me GABS & yes, I’m aware that I’m EXTRA AF. ____________________________________ 👠 I’m a 25 year old “multi-dimensional” individual here sharing all my knowledge & experience when it comes to a variety of topics so that you can learn from my highs & lows to get you one step ahead when it comes to: 💸 Solopreneurship to a CEO Role 📎 Virtual Assisting Life 🏹 Social Media Marketing 🌈 Content Creation Tips + Tricks 🏃🏻‍♀️ Self Love + Body Image + Fitness (fun fact: I’m a International Professional Bodybuilder) ☕️ Branding Strategy 🌱 Mindset 👭 Anything BOSS BABE Related! Every time I speak, I want individuals say to themselves “Gabs, you totally get me” & understand they are NEVER alone in anything. 🤍 ____________________________________ THE TWO SIDES OF GABS: 💋 CONTENT CREATOR [50K+ COMMUNITY ACROSS ALL PLATFORMS] I love to share my love for fashion, fitness, entrepreneurship and mindset but, I love the community I’ve connected with THE MOST. As a bonus to my incredible GABFAM community, I’ve been able to generate a consistent 5 figures on a monthly basis through affiliate marketing. 📈 CEO OF ASSIST-HER AGENCY My team & I help overwhelmed online coaches by giving them back time and mental real estate by taking care of their business’ backend in order for them to THRIVE & so that their business can finally SCALE through a wide variety of virtual assisting & online business management services from 6+ years of experience. 📱 SERVICES WE OFFERS: * Social Media Management * Team + Project Management * Systems & SOP Strategist * Graphic Design * Kajabi + Thinkific Online Course Set Up * Airtable + ClickUp Specialists 💌 DM @assistheragency on IG ____________________________________ 📍Calgary, AB 🇨🇦 / Proud Filipina 🇵🇭 📥[email protected] 👤Admin of Female Marketers Club ____________________________________ ⤵️ BEST OF GABS OVER ON INSTAGRAM