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🍷Co-founder & Hipster @Ferro13winery 🍇 Partner @zaiwinery 📍Member of @agiviwine 🗞Founder @bobos_it 📸Author of #365framesoflife 🥂 Co-founder Wine Room 🇮🇹🇬🇧 Clubhouse Scrivimi in direct per unirti a noi anche su Telegram / write to me to join us on Telegram too Tanti professionisti e appassionati con cui potrai metterti in contatto / let’s keep updated with professionals and wine lovers from all over the world Condividiamo la conoscenza! Let’s talk together & share knowledge! 👇 Wine Network & Community | Wine e-commerce | Wine Industry & Events | Wine Social Media | Wine & Food Tourism | Little Wine Producers Supporters