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Gabé Leal




Entertainer | Show Host | Awesome Guy My name is Gabé Leal, I am a Video Live Streaming Expert and Video Content Strategist. Everything that I have started has come from an idea or thought, that I put into structured action and turned into a reality... My video career has been based on becoming a leader by building upon the wealth of knowledge and learning from other creators, self-education, trial, and error. My mission is to help others learn and improve their live shows to create the best presentation possible. It is the lifeblood of what I do as a content creator and producer. My journey began on the ground floor with no previous experience and what I have learned is how to create value in everything I do. Now with over 400+ live shows and productions created, I strive to continue to use my passion to nourish and teach more about using imagination and innovation in creativity. I welcome new and exciting challenges. I am in the process of writing a book about my live streaming journey called Going Live: The Power of Production, People, and Conversation. Creativity is life, specifically creating content that brings value to individuals who need change in their lives. My mission and passion is helping others discover that voice and purpose within themselves.