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Thanks for stopping by!✋🏾 God is first and foremost! Reach Higher Dimensions in 2023 with StrongerME.BetterME: 💚4theKINGDOM•••Customized training and mentoring for successful servant leadership. $Samarita, zelle: [email protected]. 💚ME: The Latest Edition•••The focus is on YOU with a holistic approach! Customized programs for your wellness and success. $NelsonMaryse, Zelle: [email protected]. Use link in my IG account below to purchase/register. ✍🏾I WRITE, YOU SHINE! Letter Speech More complicated projects… Founder & President of Samarita Global Outreach, nonprofit organization. Serving women (FANM KAJOU--US, Haiti, Dominican Republic), men (HEROES), children (SuperCHAMPS) and the elderly (XLcare). We motivate, educate and empower individuals to reach higher standards. Our motto: “Let’s never grow tired of doing good!” Contact me for professional WRITING and EDITING. Remember, you are judged, chosen and “shared” based on the quality of your work. Partner at C&J One-stop Services/Maryse Nelson Consulting: Income tax preparation, health and life insurance, immigration, business start-up & management, Licensed Insurance Agent, Notary Public, Life Coach. 📚Author...Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes: ✅From The Ashes, Lessons we learn. ✅Renaitre de ses cendres en 8 lecons. ✅Second to None: An Essential Orientation and Reference Guide for the Homecare Practitioner. ✅FANM KAJOU—Thoughts of a Warrior Queen (Journal). ✅Lest I Forget—Counting My Blessings (Journal). 🎤Radio Host: 📻Plus Haut Plus Loin (Higher, Farther) on Radio Esperans. 📻An’n Ale (Let’s Go) on Radio Tele Shilo. Here on CH: ✳️ From SAMARITA GLOBAL OUTREACH: 🙏🏾🙏🏾Weekdays 7:10 am, Where We Fight—Devotion and Prayer. 🗣Sundays 8pm, From The Ashes: Lessons we learn—Warriors & Survivors… Tackling betrayal, divorce, loss, grief, etc.! ✳️ From STRONGERME.BETTERME: 🎙Saturdays 7pm: ME: The New Edition! Moving together from discovery to accountability to success! Here to learn, connect and collaborate—To become a better servant in the Kingdom.