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Future Cain




🧠Our minds are more powerful than we often realize. 📰 Quoted in the New York Times as one of Black Linkendin Stars speaking on equity and justice. 📱Let’s Connect (we are all in this together) 🔷 Linkendin 💡 “Please don’t dim your light, even if it is too bright for others to see.” ✊🏽“Just because I choose to be vulnerable and share the hurt and pain injustices and inequities has caused me, doesn’t mean you get permission to deny or dismiss my lived experiences.” ~ Future Cain 🧑🏽CEO/Founder of The Future of SEL Coach/Consultant/Culture Facilitator •Created to ensure all children and adults are emotionally intelligent, embracing and celebrating the intersectionality of all individuals, are implementing trauma sensitive equitable social and emotional learning (SEL)through a yoga lens to reimagine our education systems and organizations. It is more important now than ever before to stay healthy (mentally/physically) and that starts with your mind. 🎤 Open to speaking engagements including webinars and panel discussions. 🔸International Speaker 🔸Published work in SEL/Mental Wellness 🎤 Open to Podcasts Things I Embrace ♥️Yoga ❤️Equity ♥️ Education ♥️ Positivity and Optimism ♥️Collaboration ❤️Critical Thinkers who think outside the box ❤️Expansion/Growth ❤️Attitude of Gratitude ❤️With the right energy anything is possible ❤️Truth tellers ❤️My Family ♉️ Large capacity for kindness ⚫️Black Leadership ⬛️Black Wellness 🆘Legacy To leave this planet 🇺🇸🌎 better than I found it both internally and externally. 🧏🏽‍♀️The future is now because my children and grandchildren can’t wait til tomorrow. Connect with me on Instagram @future.cain 🧘🏽‍♂️ Stay healthy, be mindful, and stay positive.