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💻 Ableton Certified Trainer 🎚 Music Production Coach 🌐 Hey 👋 I’m Futch. I teach music makers of all kinds how to write, record, edit, and mix better songs at home by teaching them the timeless fundamentals of music production. ✅ Download my free music production guides or take my free Ableton Live course: 🏫 Founder of LEVELS 👨‍🏫 Teacher of Music Production since 1994 ♾🎧♾ I also make dub techno as @DystopianSoundscapes ♾ service to others ♾ positive energy ♾ unity ♾ law of one ♾ INFJ📍Vancouver If you are a… 🎧Producer 🎸Musician 🎛️Electronic Musician 🥁Beatmaker 🎶Songwriter 🎙️Singer 🎤Rapper Into… 🎚️Mixing 🔴Recording 🎼Songwriting 🥁Beatmaking 🎤Vocal Production 💻Ableton Live 🏠 Learn Music Production House Join below 👇