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I AM NONE OF YAWS FRIEND! Yaw Ask ppl to Join? Then kick them out, assuming. I Held hands with the New Gorgeous Broker of Wall Street today. She made the calls from 9:30am to 4pm. MARA ticker. We gained over $300 on her 1st day options trading. 6/23/24. GREAT! I 🥰 adore You my Gorgeous Black God. Jah Bless. Bold as Love - Black Historical film in Pre-production. Funkface Writer/Producer. Deck, Budget, Project Plan, and Character Description videos available. Writer/Producer/Filming📽/Animation/Musician Signed Gaff Music Subsidiary Sony Music. Endorsement Deal Burns Guitar 🇬🇧 Adobe Premiere, Illustrator, After Effects, Photoshop, APES 🦍 🚀 🌕📊📈Day Trader NO INTEREST IN Crypto!! Michigan Wolverines football 🏈 🏀 🤼‍♀️ #GoBlue Detroit Lions & Pistons games GOALS: Early Retirement. Time in my community. Live and let live, fulfill dreams & set goals, remain humble, loving & kind. I’ll keep hating English (as you can see. Lol) and Math. I’ll remain loving History from Biblical, World Wars, Black, Ancient, Western History. Audible freak. Let’s go chase some Rusty, paint chipping ole abandoned buildings/Homes/castles/Factories/trains/tracks/boxcars/theaters/clocks/prisons/pianos/planes/boats/cemeteries- Use you imagination- ‘who did, what is, where was, when will and How come?’ Enjoy Mother Nature. Professional Grown Folks Only. My watch speaks of no time to play. I’m here for joy & laughter, love & Respect. I’m not here to be smarter than you but learn from you. I’m not here to be stuck between people. I will enjoy your skits & characters. You need to push and promote your products. Take advantage of those who will buy your character! They will purchase your goods. You have a fanbase. THINK! Drama brings money on here. Just cut the violence. I wish I had time to create an awesome character. But if my name gets out I have A LOT to lose when it comes to my career. Lol A Kidney Donor. Epilepsy Foundation Member, Kidney and Save The Children Foundation. Adopt an Elephant @ sheldrick wildlife trust Funkface EAM- Pinterest will show you that I’m weird and proud to be. Libra ♎️. Respect to my Beautiful Black Gods & Strong Black Brothers. We’re such Beautiful people. May Jah Bless you well. I’m off the mic