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Marketing the Marine Corps Way | Virtual Event Producer | Livestreamer | Podcaster | Speaker | Amazon Live Influencer | Digital Marketing Consultant Marine Corps Leadership fuses with Marketing. 20 plus years of highly successful leadership experience as a Marine Corps Officer and bringing that to bear in the ever-changing world of Marketing and Technology. As Marines, we learn to adapt and overcome, I bring this mindset to businesses to help achieve victories in the boardroom and in the marketplace. The Marine Corps 5 paragraph order process (SMEAC) helps businesses produce results. ✅ Situation – What problem needs to solved ✅ Mission – goals, vision, and destination for businesses and organizations ✅ Execution – strategic and tactical plans needed to be implemented for success ✅ Administration & Logistics – The resources consisting of people, programs, and funding to support execution ✅ Command & Signal – The key people that need to communicate and make decisions and take actions to move the plan forward WHAT I OFFER FOR BUSINESSES: ❇️ Consulting – Using the Marine Corps Planning Process outlined above ❇️ Workshops – Provide training on the latest in digital marketing ❇️ Speaking – Expert speaker on a variety of social media topics ❇️ Virtual Event Production - Our team produces live events that create engagement, networking, and sponsorship opportunities for businesses and organizations ❇️ Remote LiveStream Production – Livestreaming production on a variety of platforms and a repurposing plan to go along with it. ▶️ Live Wednesdays on The Tim and Jim Show on YouTube ▶️ Follow on Twitter @fuhsionmktg and chat on #TwitterSmarter on Thursdays ▶️ Watch on Amazon Live on Dealcasters Live ▶️ Learn to live stream via the Launch Your Live podcast ▶️ Book a 15 minute discovery call 🔽 Connect or DM via the link in Twitter or Instagram