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📚 Learn How To Write A Book & Podcast 🎙️ ✨ If you want to be an author or podcaster and don’t know how to get started, this is what I do… 👓 I was an editor, including in a major publishing house, for over 10 years. I’ve seen so many mistakes with aspiring and new authors, thus I help you “cut the line” in order to write a solid manuscript that will sell. 🎤 I am a serial podcaster with 5 podcasts total, and thousands of downloads. I started from ground zero—with no audience…not even my best friend or mom 🤣 Thus I teach you how to create entertaining, binge-worthy content. I help you “cut the line” to create an exceptional podcast from episode 1… ✅ FREE RESOURCES👇🏽 • NEWSLETTER for Aspiring Authors & Podcasters ⬇️ • ⬆️ This newsletter includes the 5-Day Phone Challenge to Start Writing and Podcasting upon signing up! • 🎙️ “How To Write A Book for Spiritual Entrepreneurs” podcast - available everywhere 😃 For more about me, screenshot and copy & paste these two links: 📕 ASPIRING AUTHORS: 🎤 ASPIRING PODCASTERS: ‼️ BEST WAY TO CONTACT ME: [email protected]