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Valencia Frazier




The catalyst for inspiration to others. I’ll show you how to live life like it’s golden and on cloudy days create your own sunshine. 🤩 🗣What do I do? Certified facilitator and personal development coach changing lives in the Chicagoland, Atlanta, Detroit, Phoenix, San Francisco areas and beyond. 🗣What do I want? I’m ready to serve new clients who are looking to create the life they want by getting out of their own way through my passion project ‘I Am Light’ 🗣 What does that mean? I host the ‘I Am Light’ virtual personal development conference where I showcase other coaches and vendors 💻 We share resources through practical coaching conversations to create a new narrative for your life following divorce, job layoffs or changes in circumstances. 🎙Are you comfortable talking in front of people? I’d love to partner with you! Contact me TODAY and for more information using the subject header 🗣IAmLightConference2024 email [email protected] 💥I’m planning my 6th annual personal development/empowerment conference and am looking for speakers to share their expertise with my audience. 🚨 Do you or someone you know have an online store? Do you have art or music that you’d like to sell? I’m looking for you to participate in the conference too. Again email [email protected] using the subject header 🗣IAmLightCONFERENCE2024 🤓 Who am I? 👉🏽 Native Chicagoan 👉🏽 Founder ‘I Am Light’ 👉🏽 Founder ‘Your Inspiration Station’ 👉🏽 Clubhouse Moderator 👉🏽 Best-selling author (Amazon) 👉🏽 Certified Life coach (personal development, entrepreneurship and relationships) 👉🏽 ENFJ (Teacher) and equally ENTJ (Commander) 👉🏽 Manifesting Generator 5/1 👉🏽 Certified Learning & Dev. Leader (20+ years) 👉🏽 Foodie 👉🏽 Spirituality 👉🏽 Team Sagittarius 👉🏽 Yorkie mommy (RIP Blaze) 🌻”Don’t let anyone speak for you and don’t rely on others to fight for you.” ~ Michelle Obama 🌍 #inspiration #lifecoach #entrepreneur #personaldevelopment Let’s stay connected 👇🏽