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Frank Rogers




🙏God, Father, Husband, Mentor 📊Serial Entrepreneur & Investor 🎙Podcaster, Co-host on pardon the disruption 🏠Real Estate Investor 🌎Dual National ❤️ “Humanity is born for cooperation and constituted for one another” Marcus Aurelius circa 180AD On fire and engaged as... CXO/Co-Founder at —The Digital Orchestration Agency —check out cofounder @CatchKyle BoD/Co-Founder at —Commercial RE focused Fintech 🔔 Ping me to speak ✳️ on these topics Entrepreneurship/ Startups/ Turnarounds Orchestrating Digital Transformation Ramping/Retooling Customer Experience Communications & Connectivity Enterprise Stack Selection/Optimizing Business & Financial Modeling Let’s collaborate & make things better — 🤠Austin Texas