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12 rules to sabotage a conversation 1) consider the others to be stupid, immature, malicious, or preferably all of the above - and do not forget to make them feel it. 🫵 2) Be convinced that there are correct solutions. If you achieve this, it will be easy for you to believe that you already have this solution. Consider it your task to bring others to this conviction. 🥸 3) Regard problems as zero-sum games. Constructive solutions must always have their catch. 🧐 4) Emphasize your importance to the procedure and do not allow yourself to become dispensable. 💪 5) Make sure that your opponents remain your opponents. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing your identity. ⚔️ 6) Be convinced that others do not say what they mean and do not mean what they say. 🤨 7) Demand that the parties involved only agree to a result, whether it is a compromise or a consensus, if they are fully convinced and give their consent joyfully. 😠 8) Insist that the problem solutions be checked to see if they can serve as a standard for other similar cases. You should ask more often: „Where would we be if everyone did that?“ 🤯 9) Be very sceptical when others accept your proposals. Check immediately if there was something wrong with your proposals. 🧐 10) When a solution is emerging, always make sure that everyone is aware that you were the originator of the idea. 🥳 11) If, against all expectations - after following these rules - compromises do arise, do not make the mistake of considering them a success. You still have the opportunity to label them as „self-evident“, „trivial“, or „lazy“. 😴 12) If all else fails, do not hesitate to enlist the help of social scientists. As experts of normative criticism of pragmatic political partial solutions, they will be happy and competent to assist you. ©️ Fietkau & Weidner 1998