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Jeremy Fox




🧠Trauma/EMDR expert ♣️Sphere Club admin 🧑‍🎓Academic author (title at bottom of this description) 👉Trained by Dr. Arielle Schwartz 🔥Peak performance trainer 🧑‍🏫I make mini-lectures on mental health/neuroscience on TikTok. 🎶TikTok name: tokpsych 💎BITCLOUT: @foxtherapy 🎓My passion: teaching survivors methods for overcoming traumatic memories, rooted in evidence-based practice. Your pain can be put in the past. I specialize in offering EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing). Ask me about it. 👉Follow me, and I’ll invite you into my club “Building an Unhackable Brain.” I host rooms that teach you to build resilience and overcome your insecurities. No BS; just sustainable healing tactics. 🎓My peer-reviewed academic journal article is titled “Recovery, Interrupted: The Zeigarnik Effect in EMDR Therapy and the Adaptive Information Processing Model.” 👇 find it below ⚠️CH =\= therapy or medical advice. My words here are educational, not a substitute for the therapeutic process.