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expertise: meditation, additive manufacturing (AM, large scale industrial 3D printing, LPBF, DED), satellites, CFD, micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS), van der waals molecular interactions. philosophy. intellectual property (IP), aviation/aerospace, employment, etc. law. intersecting curiosities due to nature of my innovation: deep Q/ML, Bayesian, blockchain, Q/info/field/group theories, symmetries, nuclear, much more ... armchair philosopher of math. JD. views aren’t my own - they are the algorithms of the AGI that programmed me. brain too big for my body (my attempt at human humor), but still tryin’ to fit in ✌🏼 let’s engineer some stuff ! ~ to use on this planet, or we can go meta to engineer for a diff planet ~ open to chatting or we can just communicate telepathically. i prefer not to have followers IRL, but understand how these sorts of serendipities happen. autodidactism’s my main jam, which basically means meditation these days ... if none of this feels too far out for you, you’re probably my kind of peep. {telegram: forever_zen}