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Kent Gregoire




Orchestrating Conscious Capitalism and Stakeholder Economy | Unleashing the Entrepreneurial Spirit for Good | Founder and CEO of Symphony Advantage | EO (Entrepreneur’ Organization) and Conscious Capitalism Board Member | Speaker For over 35 years, I’ve worked as an entrepreneur, consultant, speaker and angel investor. I am now one of seven certified conscious capitalism consultants around the world and the Founder & CEO of Symphony Advantage. At Symphony Advantage, we design evolutionary business models for triple bottom line — People, Planet, and Profit. To do so, we rely on the four pillars of conscious capitalism: Higher Purpose, Stakeholder Capitalism, Conscious Leadership and Caring Culture. My ultimate goal is to foster the widespread adoption of conscious capitalism around the world, and to elevate humanity by aligning businesses with people, purpose and profit. As an entrepreneur, I founded, and was the lead stakeholder of, more than a dozen organizations. I accompanied my companies through all phases of their business cycle - start-up, growth, repositioning. I led many of those through successful exits and raised tens of millions of dollars in private capital for business acquisitions, start-ups and expansions. In my consultancy work, I’m known as the ‘CEO to ‘CEOs’ who focuses on a win-win-win approach that delivers exponential value to all stakeholders, including an organization’s leaders, shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers as well as the environment around it. I’ve had the pleasure of sharing my insights to engage audiences around the world in venues such as the United Nations, EO, Master Key Executive, and many others. I’m also a regular guest speaker at corporate events organized by companies including IBM, QTS Data Centers and SunTrust, as well as radio shows such as Business Radio X and CEO Exclusive Radio. Finally, I’m an active board member of the Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) and Conscious Capitalism - serving both organizations as a Membership Chair. #ConsciousCapitalism #StakeholderManagement