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Fahad Sultan




Exploring Ghana? 🇬🇭 Get in touch 👉🏽 [email protected] As you happen to stumble across my page... Aloha! I'm Fahad, a Strategic Planner on a Global Mission of connecting great-minds and bringing disruptive ideas to life 👇🏼 Born and raised in Manchester (England), I started my international escapade towards my late teens and found my home away from home in Ghana, West Africa. I spent close to a decade, literally; working mostly for free in order to gain experience and exposure to an array of industries whilst building a network of respective thought leaders. I've advised across various sectors from - Agriculture, Natural Resource Exploration / Extractive Industries (including Mining and Oil & Gas), to Health and Tech related ventures. Did I forget to mention I'm also a remote-based Researcher | Producer for Young and Profiting Media - one of the top Podcast Marketing Agencies Globally? I'm also passionate about: Alternative Therapy and Wellness, Culture and Community, Nature Conservation, Technological Advancements, including everything Decentralised from DAOs to DeFi - and much more! Stay blessed ✌🏽🙏🏼