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Alex Fogle




👩🏻‍🌾Flower Farmer 🌱Regenerative Agriculture I’m a farmer-florist using regenerative, minimal-till, and foam-free methods to grow and design flowers. Managing my farm to enhance biodiversity and soil health. 🧪Chemical Engineer moonlighting as a flower farmer. 🍅Growing food and herbs to feed my family. 📚Always learning and experimenting. 🐓🦆Chicken and duck lady. 🌿🐑Dabbling in natural fibers. Experimenting with flax as a cover crop and wool as an insulator for overwintering flowers. 🌱Let’s talk about flower farming, agricultural policy, beginning farmers, permaculture, regenerative agriculture, minimal-tillage, rotational grazing, sustainable meat consumption, heritage breed livestock, and utilizing agriculture to reverse climate change. Located in Northeast Ohio. DM on Instagram to chat.