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Pessimism of the Intellect, Optimism of the Will Rules of Engagement: ⚠️ Presence in room doesn’t imply endorsement ⚠️ Opinions are my own, not my organization’s ⚠️ Never blocked anyone and never will ⚠️ Respect everyone’s RIGHTS of free speech although may disagree with the views 🎯 Interests: US & China geopolitics and great power competition | intersection of tech and humanity|AI ethics|digital and social media|behavioral and psychological sciences|human rights|freedom|individualism|totalitarianism|democracy and free speech in the age of Big Tech 🗞 Interviewed and quoted in: NBC News 🇺🇸, Washington Post 🇺🇸, NPR 🇺🇸, Christian Science Monitor 🇺🇸, Voice of America 🇺🇸, Verge 🇺🇸, International Business Times 🇺🇸, Yahoo News 🇺🇸, National Post 🇨🇦, Asahi Shimbun 🇯🇵 🎙️ My podcast with China Corner Office host Cambridge Prof. Chris Marquis on AI history and the latest development, the similarities and differences between the strategies of China and the U.S. and much more. 📍Boston, Massachusetts 🇺🇸 Chinese by birth, American by choice Bilingual (English & 中文) Travel fun facts: 🌍 Over 2 million miles of air travel in 20 years ✈️ American Airline Lifetime Gold Member 🏨 Marriott Lifetime Platinum Elite (1500+ nights and 10+ years of Platinum status)