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Sustainable Steve - “The Recycling Guy” ♻️ Founder & CEO at necoTech | EcoPreneur 🌎 | Circular Economy Advocate ♾ | Ecosystem Builder 🏗 We’re raising capital NOW, invest in sustainable infrastructure and participate in our growth on WeFunder: Recycling what most people can’t ♻️ Join the CleanTech Club to connect and chat with fellow sustainable minded entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, and investors! We’re doing some pretty cool things with plastic waste and sustainable building materials. Working on solutions for the US Army Corps of Engineers, the USAF, NASA and we’re 1 of 4 Companies selected globally by the National Center for Asphalt Technology to test Recycled Plastic Waste In Asphalt ♻️ 🛣 📍Columbus, Ohio 🇺🇸 We’re helping solve the plastic waste problem while improving performance, longevity, and sustainability of concrete & asphalt infrastructure materials. We develop and use technology to recycle ♻️ the hard to recycle items and the neglected industries to create circular economies or sustainable upcyle processes. 👉 Happy to help show other startups how they can grow with an AFWERX contract, just DM me “USAF” on Instagram 👈 Tired of plastic waste clogging our earth? 🌏 Tired of hitting potholes? 🚧 We’re here to help! 👉 Follow us at @necotechusa or 👈 🦄 Startup Founder and Entrepreneurship advocate 🍿 Owner of Ohio’s Best Kettle Corn & Award Winning Food Truck - Yumii Kettle Corn @thatsyumii 👥 Husband to 1 👶 Father to 5 👨‍🎓 Student of many 👨‍🏫 Professor to some Community Hats I wear: ☕️ Lead Organizer 1 Million Cups Columbus 🎤 Entrepreneurial Advisor at Delaware Entrepreneurial Center 🎓 Professor of Entrepreneurship and Environmental & Sustainability at Ohio Wesleyan University Life philosophies: 💪 fortuna favet fortibus - Fortune Favors the Bold 💧 Dripping water wears through rock 🎯 Action = Traction 💡 Ideas are free, execution is key 🔑 I’ll take someone with 💪 Grit over Wit 🧠 any day 🍳 Breakfast w/ Champions