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On a mission to remind moms of their passion, their self worth, their joy! 👋 I am Kelly, Founder of Fire Within Candle Co, LLC The NEW signature ignite collection is filled with reminders to 💕embrace the imperfect 💕know that you are enough 💕and believe that you can do whatever the #$@! you are passionate about! Having one of my candles in your home can increase your ability to…. ✨Be present ✨Connect to your senses ✨Remind you of your passions ✨Create a daily routine that changes your mindset 🕯 When you light the candle & see the inspirational words, when you walk past it, when you blow it out, when you smell the scent connected to it, you are bringing consciousness to your mindset goal. 💞My hope is that my candles will help you to celebrate the beautiful chaos in life and to remember your worth 🙏 (link in IG bio also) Use code : CLUBHOUSE for 10% off ~~~~~~~~~~~~About Me~~~~~~~~~~~~ SAHM mom to 4 👧🏼👦🏼👶🏻👶🏻 (9, 7 and 2 year old identical twin boys) 🎪 Ringleader of the shit show ✨ I am more than a mom ✨ 📖 Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling 📖 Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) I am in a chapter of life where I am enjoying my little ones and pausing this career part of my story....and that is OKAY! 👌 Things I love: ✨Breaking the stigma that I can’t be an amazing mom and very successful business owner ✨ Collaborating with others ♥️ ✨Women who are honest about how f’in hard life can be!!! ✨ Food 🍟, Wine 🍷, and Music 🎶 ✨ Mompreneurship ✨ Empowering women ~~~~~~~ Find my candles here~~~~~~~~ (link in IG bio also) Use code : CLUBHOUSE for 10% off 🕯 Hand poured | Non-toxic | Vegan | Phthalate Free 📍 Indiana 🇺🇸