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Fertility Expert | Coach | Speaker | Educator. I help successful, overwhelmed, high achievers get pregnant and have healthy babies, even when they’ve been told by doctors they can’t. ✳️Host of the Fertility Club in ♣️🏠 fertility strategies, support and community. ✳️Co-host of the Fertile Mindset Club in ♣️🏠 with Sarah Holland @fertilemindset ✳️Love to collaborate, co-moderate and add value. DM me and let’s connect. ———————————————— ✅Join the Fertility Club ✅Join the Fertile Mindset Club every Monday at 7pm (UK time) 🔔 Follow us both, then tap the bell choosing ‘always’ to be notified when our rooms go live. 🤰Leader of the Fertility Heroes Facebook Group. ❤️ Community for women TTC. Join here to get fertility training, tools and tips: 🚼 Creator of the Path To Pregnancy Membership - complete online fertility solution for couples. 💫When it comes to improving fertility - there is no one-size fits all. It’s a different path for everyone. I love helping couples get clear on why they’re not pregnant and what to do about it. I’m obsessed with fertility solutions so that you don’t have to be! 💫Want to do a deep dive on your fertility, discover what’s missing and get recommendations on your next step. Apply for a complimentary no-obligation Fertility Analysis: 💬 DM me on Instagram and let’s connect. 💻