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Coaching leaders to develop successful teams Guiding clients to get unstuck Working on getting unstuck myself 20+ years in HR ➕ NLP Practitioner PEOPLE I COACH ARE ➡️ Leading teams ➡️ Advancing their careers ➡️ Considering a career change MY MOTTO “Whatever good we build end up building us.” - Jim Rohn ABOUT ME 👉 Life’s loves: Reading & Journaling 👉 Certified Action Learning Coach 👉 Certified Traits Assessor (ABA) 👉 Chief Question Asker @ FazForward JOIN MY ♣️🏠 KickstartYOU CLUB! Find what works for you to be the leader you want to be. See you in our weekly rooms! ✳️ How to ask Great Questions? @Mon 9:40pm ✳️ The Book Show! @Tue 9:40pm All rooms in Kuala Lumpur time (GMT+8) FUN FACT 💃 Body-jammer 🏝 Love the beach 🧵 I sew my own clothes 📸 Love making pictures 🧠 I mindmap everything 🎙 FazForward podcast on Spotify 🥳 Friends call me the Question Queen Want to moderate a room together? DM me on LinkedIn / Twitter👇 Talk soon! 🌏 LinkedIn: Faz Kamaruddin