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- AUTOMATION EXPERT - FUNNEL Strategist - WEBSITE DEVELOPER I build sales funnels with automations. hire me to build you a machine that works for you. Some of my sites & funnels: I BOOST FUNNELS! I FIX BROKEN FUNNELS! I BUILD FUNNEL HUBS! I BUILD WEBSITES I help people automate. Emails, leads, funnels. FACEBOOK ADS AND ORGANIC TRAFFIC METHODOLOGY 🤯 Most businesses are not communicating enough with their prospects. Don’t be one of them! 📧 EMAIL MARKETING & AUTOMATION. Get yourself an email automation system because once we build it you’ll start making money on autopilot. 💰I BUILD AUTOMATED COURSES. Just send me your video content. I’ll even create pdfs and things designed to help your clients have success. I can build you a sales FUNNEL and/or a membership area. You would be shocked how fast we can build you a course that actually makes you the money you deserve. You can see a funnel, blog and members area I created at 👉 I’ve been making websites for over 15 years but funnels are the new future. It’s time you joined the sales funnel revolution! I’m skilled at: - Wordpress - Photoshop - Funnels - Email Automation - Video Editing - Course Creation - Continuity Income and subscriptions - And I’m a pretty cool dad! 👉 visit Here is my framework I use everyday to get things done: “EPPPC” ✅E. - Education at least 15 min ✅P. - Product - know your offer ✅P. - Process - work a calendar or process ✅P. - People - meet people ✅C. - Client Work visit🖥️ 📍located in Austin, TX Let’s connect