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Fadia Williams




Soft Face | Wild Heart | Strong Back Cultivating Community, Compassion & Connection through 🫶 Monthly Community Gatherings in SC 🤝 Weekly CH Rooms at Mother Hustlers 🤲 Online Workshops on Sustainable Wealth, Wellbeing & Work for Postpartum Moms 🙌 Former President of the United Nations of South Africa 🙌 Former Future Females Global Ambassador Manager 🙌 Former Producer for Indie Film Company - 52 Episodes in 30 days 🙌 Director of The Lady Khadeeja School of Service & Etiquette @ladykhadeejaschool 🙌 International Speaker 🙌 SheEO Coach 🙌 Founder of Women of Qudra NPO @women_of_qudra 🤝Collaborations 1. Go LIVE with me on Instagram - DM “LIVE” 2. Co Mod rooms with me on Clubhouse - DM “COMOD” 3. Want to Get complimentary CLARITY workbook DM me on Instagram to get The Clarifier 🎨Hobbies Include 🎨Thrifting 🎨Staging AirBnB’s 🎨Make Up Artistry 🎨Urban Farming 📍 South Carolina, from Cape Town - South Africa 🇿🇦