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:Jonathan Fable




Long story...I will to share in the books to come... currently published Mission2Moga available on Amazon, Barnes&Nobles and many more sites worldwide!!! Also known as saev, Jonathan got into writing on walls, rooftops, busses, and trains before the age of ten...this road he chose to run down gained him his first arrest at 9 building his 'street cred' on the borderline of Brooklyn and Queens... Trauma and tragedy seemed to follow this aspiring gangster as he watched most his idols and loved one's depart the world in one way or another... After many near death of body experiences he began to really question life... 15 he was discharged from an 18 month sentence and got news the brother that saved his life from getting clipped by the J train coming outta Sutphin tunnel had just been shot and departed... The path he was on wasn't looking particularly pleasant, especially with all the drugs, alcohol and crimes he was getting himself involved with. He started picking up books and looked to the ancients for words of wisdom and different paths to enlightening and awakening to remember to who he was, is and forever will be. This was no simple switch of paths as the tag 'saev' created the 'god' complex and his Ego ran with information that he didn't fully comprehend but sounded pretty smart regurgitating... He started writing his life story around the time he met the mother of the three kids he was entrusted to love guide and protect, while taking a security position at Shakespeare in the park* NYC where he saw the industry he wished to direct in... After Courtney A. Sorenson aka CourtDaGod or DaOne departed the world 29 young years... saev committed by honor to an agreement with his brother that he would help build the MOGA and the MOGA would fund his own creations now writes and steadily receives data uploads to his imagination while the technology becomes available to build something he always wished for... Many life altering events took place and nothing short of a walking miracle he still breathes peacefully in his body while writing the MOGA SAGA based on actual events to ultimately BUILD THE MOGA!!! The founder or original visionary of the MOGA departed the world 3 days after getting approved to be set up as a non-profit organization Movement Of GRAFFITI Art MOGA; MUSEUM OF GRAFFITI ART (originally) and its TRANSFORMATION INTO THE MEGASTRUCTURE OUTLINEDIN GRAPHENE ARMOR!!! peace and blessings Thank you i love you :Jonathan